Events & Sales
Staffed Events
We’ve been in the automotive staffed event business for years. We stay around because we excel, and the profits we bring to dealerships are unmatched in the market. We work with your existing staff for an upcoming sale to deliver results and make your next event a success.During our training process, one manager will train your sales staff on our “Road to Success” sales process and will provide hands-on training to demonstrate how our process works in real-life situations.

We realize each market and dealership is truly unique. That’s why we customize a variety of products and services designed to maximize your event. For our staffed events, we typically provide 2 to 3 event managers to work with 6 to 15 of your salespeople. Most events last Tuesday through Saturday. Our Staffed Events packages include a direct mail announcing the event.

Hosted Events

Our Turnkey Hosted Events are perfect for driving up dealership traffic during your next sale. Our hosts will make sure that your dealership traffic is managed with excellence. From greeting customers to implementing a proper event registration process, a hosted event is a slam dunk.

We provide experienced, talented staff for your sale, including 1 to 2 closers and 3 to 5 sales people.


We make it easy to boost your sales volume for your next event! Our Sale-in-a-Box has everything you need to deck out your dealership, including banners, tags, posters, balloons and more! And they’re cost effective, so you won’t need a big investment to see big results.

Looking for even BIGGER results? Add-on ready-to-air TV, Radio and Online ads! We can even manage your social media during the event to boost your reach, response, and bottom line.

With over 30 million dollars worth of experience under our belts, we know how to put the “show” in your showroom better than anyone! It’s a scientific fact that atmosphere changes attitudes. We deliver the right materials with the right message — at the right time!