Digital Marketing

ADS Offers a Complete Line of Digital Marketing Tools to Promote your Dealership

Email Marketing
Good Things Come to Those That Click
ADS adds an integrated approach to email marketing. Pair a targeted mailer from your database to your customers home and then hit your customer’s email box at the right time. We offer anything from highly targeted email campaigns to brand reputation that will help bring awareness to your dealership and turn those viewers into car buyers. We can create custom email designs, list targeting, content development and reporting. All of our email campaigns are mobile responsive because that’s just the way of the world.
Print Money With Your Social Media
  • Lead Generation, Traffic Builder, Brand Awareness Campaign Strategies
  • Customized, Inventory Specific Offers Coupled With General Sales Offers
  • Real-time Roi Reporting Straight From DMS Data
  • Google Analytics Website Traffic Reporting
  • Sms Lead Conversion W/ In House BDC Representatives
  • Direct Crm Integration For Lead Delivery
  • Phone & In Person Appointment Setting
  • Dedicated Account Management For Collaboration & Service Management

Sponsored advertisements with the intent of a user submitting a lead which is then converted into sms conversation to differentiate “clickers” from “buyers.”

Dynamic Product Advertising (Dynamic Inventory)

Campaigns designed to target new clients with your inventory automatically updated from your website; customers are pushed to vehicle VDP pages & then “pixeled” for retargeting offers uniquely for them.

Custom Content

Custom built offers highlighting your choice of vehicle pushing customers to a uniquely built landing page on your site; customers are then retargeted for lead conversions, giving a higher quality “bottom of the funnel” customer base.

Search Engine Marketing
As a business owner or operator, there’s no higher leverage than using paid ads to generate paying customers.
If you’re still relying on traditional methods of driving buyers to your website, you’re missing vast amounts of revenue opportunities. In other words, if you’re ignoring paid advertising, then paying customers are ignoring you. We’re at the cutting edge of using paid advertising to convert in-market buyers into measurable and predictable revenue for your business.
Rank High Or Slowly Die
It’s a digital world we live in. A majority of users will only click on the top 3-5 organic search results. We’ll work with you to deliver a long-term strategy of building robust content that will keep your business ranking amongst the top in your field while also helping to optimize the conversion of the traffic into transactions.
Effective Advertising is Frequent Advertising
There are a million options at the consumer’s fingertips, so ensure your advertising is effective by continuing to serve the right ads to the right people at the right time. Customers are receiving thousands of marketing and advertising messages, so it takes more to stand out. It’s time to adopt a multi-channel approach. Consumers need to see the offering and branding consistently. That’s why ADS takes an approach to deliver a strategy that hyper targets consumers and in market buyers at the right time.