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We are Accelerated Dealer Services (ADS), one of the largest, full-service direct mail and digital advertising agencies in the United States specializing in automotive dealership marketing. We provide complete solutions for car dealerships, including custom direct mail campaigns, as well as branding, graphic design, print, web and state-of-the-art tracking for deliverability of your direct mail campaigns and dealership marketing services.

Our goal is to provide you with a stunning, dynamic visual creation that catapults you far above the competition. We complement your branding with top-level usability to lead your visitors down the simplest path to visiting your showroom. We then provide you with ongoing support and efforts that will bring you the traffic flow required for profitability and success.

Our Process

Much too often we notice nobody is listening to what a prospective client has to say. Rather than pushing our agenda or what we want to sell, our mission is to truly understand your dealership needs to ensure we can deliver the maximum amount of value to you and your team.

After we’ve listened to your goals our team will conduct a market study for your dealership. We’ll leverage the new-found information along with your unique wants and needs to develop a winning marketing strategy specifically for your car dealership. Whether we agree on a one-time campaign or a 12 month plan, we’re now ready to help you sell more cars through effective car dealership marketing.

We’ve learned through many years of experience that every dealership is different. This is why we offer you a dedicated project manager who will be assigned to your account. This ensures that each specific request you have will be noted, understood and followed not only with your first campaign but throughout the entire relationship. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than working with someone new and explaining things all over again each time.

We’ve dedicated countless hours, energy and resources to develop a world class system in which we manage our projects. There are 37 individual steps in our “service process” that ensures we deliver the best customer experience every time.

These three words are extremely powerful. Each member of our team is trained to understand that your job is to sell cars and their job is to make your entire experience as easy, effortless and efficient as possible.

These two words drive everything we do. From the first time we discuss your goals through the end of a promotion, we are committed to proper follow up and follow through. We encourage you to experience the difference true commitment makes.

At Accelerated Dealer Services, we believe simple is better. That is why we use Check By Fax for all campaign payments. Here’s how it works: You’ll receive an email from us. You can click the link in the email that will allow you to fill out the online form or simply complete the downloadable form and fax it over. It’s easy, simple, and fast.

At Accelerated Dealer Services, we strive to provide unparalleled service and remarkable campaigns that bring results. We look forward to working with you on your next promotion.

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