Business Development Services

Ever feel like you don’t really have an expert on e-commerce and BDC development? You’re not alone. By partnering with ADS, you can bring in a team of experts and take advantage of our knowledge in this space.Let us help you stay up to date with the latest technology trends and tools.

We will work you and your team on an ongoing basis to create awareness and alignment on best lead conversion practices. After all, by now you likely know this is your biggest opportunity for growth!

We start by mapping your process and then profiling relevant team members to ensure each team member’s core strengths are consistent with what’s needed for a successful BDC.

With our BDC Consulting, you can expect we’ll deliver on the following:

  • Mind-Mapping session
  • Strengths Profiling
  • Establish baseline metrics
  • Short and long term goal discovery and alignment
  • Identify failure points in existing process
  • Introduce process refinements
  • Ongoing metrics reporting
  • Monthly analysis and executive summary
We have a full service call center that will handle the leads created by our marketing efforts for you dealership. If you are spending the big bucks to generate incoming calls and traffic, then you want to make sure you have qualified people trained to handle the calls. From setting appointments and confirming appointments to ensuring leads become foot traffic, our call centers are trained to provide the best results imaginable from your marketing efforts.

Generating incoming leads and phone calls is great, but many automotive dealers are underestimating the response from calling customers directly. Whether it’s customers we’ve identified that are in market or in an equity position, they are highly responsive to the outgoing message we are able to offer them. Matching these to a direct mail campaign and calling them about the offer is also a solid plan for turning these prospects into buyers.