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The BDC Consulting Process

Thank you for your interest in BDC Consulting from ADS! Our process is designed to help you shape and optimize your business to align it with your growth objectives while keeping the ultimate goal in mind: turning leads into conversions.

As we move forward we will be working toward specific goals and deliverables for your company. We believe in transparency and making sure you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way, so please take a look at our service outline below and ask any questions that you may have as we establish a timeline for you.

We look forward to working with you!


The most important building block of a successful business is making sure you have a team that can support and advance your objectives. We will start by helping you evaluate your existing team and make sure that new team members are a good match for your company.

Evaluation of your current team

  • Administer and analyze SOI test and results
  • Interview team members
  • Observe behaviors and results

Provide executive summary and findings based on our evaluation

  • Identify talent to keep
  • Provide recommendations of team members to transfer to other departments
  • Identify low performers to terminate

Hiring new personnel

  • Administer and analyze SOI test and results
  • Interview new candidates
  • Assist in hiring process
  • Support recruitment


Focusing on growth and conversion goals starts with the basics, which includes evaluating your business and creating best practice procedures and policies to execute within your various departments. Examples of the departments we will evaluate include: BDC, New Internet, Used Internet and Floor Sales.

Develop custom policies and procedures to accommodate your business structure

  • Deliver policies for upper management
  • Deliver policies for Department Director implementation
  • Deliver roles and responsibilities for representatives

Develop policies and procedures for practical execution

  • Define best practices for follow-up with assigned salesmen
  • Develop daily call list provided by Director
  • Define process for logging results
  • Clarify and document handoff process
  • Provide process for reporting and monitoring data and results


It is critical that your director knows how to best manage your staff and help them achieve your sales and reporting goals.

Director training on BDC Representative Management

  • Follow-up with assigned salesmen
  • Daily call list preparation
  • Lead distribution process
  • Reporting on representative performance by lead source
  • Lead distribution reward system by performance
  • Reporting for call volume
  • Metrics for call quality
  • Create report for conversions on appointments, ups and sales
  • Review handoff process
  • Collaboration with other departments
  • Create communication and reporting process with General Manager
  • Communication and reporting process with ADS
  • Reporting protocols
  • Data tracking for competitive information
  • Protocol for team oversight
  • Use of customer incentives
  • Rules for representative incentives


It is crucial to develop best practice policies and procedures for your representatives to maximize efficiency, increase call volume and increase the quality of calls.

Development of BDC Representative Policies and Procedures

  • Develop word tracks for sales calls
  • Develop tracks that sync with DS group sales approach and culture
  • Draft tracks
  • Train on observation and feedback on live calls during on-sites
  • Develop role play during on-sites
  • Develop pop quizzes
  • Draft pop quizzes for BDC Director use
  • Set up call monitoring with mystery shopping audit


Creating an atmosphere of competition between your representatives will directly boost sales.

Create a competitive environment that is accessible by all representatives

  • Set up desk log reflecting daily results
  • Institute a motivational environment with an emphasis on reporting
  • Set up dry erase board for updating month-to-date results
  • Generate a list of weekly or ad hoc competitions and corresponding spiffs
  • Evaluate rewards with GM to gain approval for Director’s discretion

Institute a Representative of the Month award

  • Establish criteria for representative of the month
  • Decide on criteria for % of appointments the rep used customer incentive
  • Decide on minimum number of touch points in a month
  • Decide on representative of the month incentives from the General Manager
  • Decide on prize of monthly dollar amount (example: $500 each month)
  • Decide on prize of increased retro increase to pay structure (examples: $5 more per appointment, $10 more per show and $20 more per sale)
  • Decide on increased duration of competition to quarterly for larger prizes and motivation (example: Vegas trip)


New lead sources take your business to the next level. Our job is to help you identify new, quality lead sources to increase your sales.

Identification of new lead strategies

  • Use lead ROI ranking report to compare current lead sources to new lead sources
  • Identify new and superior lead sources
  • Provide GM with these new sources and make spend adjustment recommendations


Customer incentives can close the decision gap for your clients and make the difference between “just browsing” and a sale. We recommend offering a series of incentives to motivate your customers and help them make the decision to buy from you.

Provide an incentive options list to the General Manager

  • Decide on filling gas tank incentive
  • Decide on oil change during test drive
  • Decide on detail during test drive
  • Decide on $100 (or lesser) pre-loaded Visa cards
  • Decide on $500 credit toward purchase of car
  • Decide on $500 credit toward accessories for purchased car
  • Decide on $500 credit towards TT&L


The only way to track results is to have an accurate reporting system which is properly implemented by key members of your staff. It is also important that these reports are reviewed by your management team on a regular basis so your team can drive sales goals.

Set up and train key staff members on reporting system

  • Design reports for all aspects of your department
  • Create Google Docs report forms so the General Manager and key personnel can review data at any time from anywhere
  • Train Director on how and when to use which report
  • Review and analyze all reports
  • Provide analysis of all reports to General Manager in weekly on-site face-to-face


Our interactions are crucial for you to feel comfortable in our working relationship and making sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed. The key to this is setting meetings so we can touch base on a regular basis with you and your team.

Establish key meetings with you and your staff

  • Schedule weekly GM Meetings
  • Set up BDC Director daily and weekly meetings
  • Set up representative access process and weekly meetings