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Staffed Events

Auto Dealer Staffed Events

We are all so bombarded by incoming messages every day that we tune most of them out so as to avoid sensory overload. The same is true for your customers. Auto Dealer Staffed EventsBy creating unique, face-to-face branded experiences instead of simply sending a message to your target market, you produce an opportunity for your prospects and customers to interact with your brand in person. Automotive staffed events can be an experience that truly resonates with your audience.


How to Host a Successful Staffed Event

Whether you are planning on site events, auto coop events, automotive closer events, automotive greeter events, or hosted events, your motive is to engage consumers. A memorable event involves significant consumer engagement long after the event is over.
While the main event may be high drama, ensure that your staff master events within the event where they engage directly with a consumer to interact in a quality way and promote your dealership.

Make it easy for your participants to share their fun by creating a whole social-media event around it. People go to events to experience new things, and naturally they want to share it with their friends when they see something extraordinary. Create a #hashtag, employ GPS and real-time event tracking, create on-site experiences over Twitter such as a photo competition or treasure hunt.

Get your team fired up and excited about the event because they are going to do lots of hard work. The rewards will be worth it though.


ADS Auto Marketing

We facilitate your existing staff prior to your next event so that it is a profitable one. During the training, we train your sales staff on our “Road to Success” sales process and provide hands-on training to demonstrate how our process works in real-life situations. For more information on how Accelerated Dealer Services Auto Marketing can boost your auto business with staffed events, please get in touch today.




Great Events get results. Details matter, preparation is critical.

At ADS, we love events. Whether site events, auto coop events, automotive closer events, automotive greeter events, or hosted events, ask ADS how we can get the party started.
We can meet either in person or by phone. Tell us how to contact you below, or just call us at (877) 355-6245.
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