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Auto Dealer Social Media Marketing

Does this sum up your morning? “Get to work nice and early. Read email – check. Facebook – check. Twitter – check. Ready to start my day…. oh look, it’s lunch time.”

Social media marketing may not be great for the productivity of your team, but as a marketing tool, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to cultivating and maintaining customer relationships. Dealerships of all sizes often lack sufficient time and resources to connect meaningfully with customers. Auto Dealer Social Media MarketingSharing on-point content via social media has made two-way dialogue so much easier – resulting in valuable customer feedback, improved loyalty, and more regular customer referrals.

Top Tips For Social Media Marketing

Here are a few tips that should be part of every auto dealer social marketing effort:

  1. Think of the “social” in social media. Build deeper relationships with your followers by recognizing them with likes and comments.
  2. Always include visual elements such as a graphic, photo, or video to boost engagement.
  3. Go for a less direct, more entertaining approach. Remember why users visit social media networks when planning your calendar. 80% entertaining, useful, or informative sharing to 20% promotional posts is a good rule of thumb.
  4. If you would like your fans to take a particular action after reading your post, insert a single, solid call-to-action to indicate what they should do next.
  5. Utilize the built-in social media analytics to track what is working for you.
  6. Before publishing, ask yourself if the post you are sharing is:
    • beneficial?
    • thought-provoking?
    • enlightening?
    • amusing?
    • a connection to your brand?

Reinforce with ReMarketing

Retargeting tracks users who visit your website, and later displays your advert to them as they visit other online sites. Retargeting has been demonstrated as one of the top ways to increase revisits to your site, and so stimulate conversions and sales. When internet users see your retargeted advertisement, your brand becomes more ingrained in their psyche.

ADS Auto Marketing

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