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The cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, auto dealer SEO is all about increasing your chances of being found on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo when customers search for a vehicle.  Considering that Google reports 10.3 billion searches every month; and 93% of online experiences start with Google; being highly ranked by search engines puts you in prime position to be viewed by people who want to business with you – because they are searching the terms for which you are optimized.Auto Dealer Search Engine Marketing Servcies

Since the big search engines keep their algorithms under wraps, search engine optimization is a mysterious aspect of building your online presence. There are no shortcuts to score highly in terms of SEO; but here are some best practices that have stood the test of time:


Plan With Keywords

Determine what your customers are searching for using Google’s free tool called Keyword Planner. But do not proceed to pack as many keywords into your website as possible. Part of the algorithm defines meaning from your sentences. Use local keywords particular to your business.

Invest in Quality Content

Compelling content gives meaning to the keywords you would like to share, and it also enables you to build stronger relationships. Online marketers have voted that content creation remains the best SEO strategy. A blog, for example, gives your users something worthwhile to read and share; and provides a chance to be found online with each new blog post.

Onsite SEO

Use unique page titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and content to stand out with new keywords and draw the attention of search engines.

Mix It Up

Experiment with different channels of social media, PPC, email marketing etc. to see what works, and what gives you the most bang for your buck. Varied marketing methods compliment your SEO through branding and traffic links.

Speed It Up

The upload speed of your site influences search rankings. Just like so many of the cars you sell, speed is essential, so make certain that your graphics aren’t slowing down your website.

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