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Car dealership email marketing has great impact for two main reasons:

  1. The recipients of your emails have shown enough confidence in your company that they have given you admission to their inbox. This is a huge feather in your cap – just take a look at the state of your unread items to attest the fact!
  2. Emails last longer than many other digital media. If your readers have not visited any social media networks for a while, Auto Dealer Email Marketingyour posts will be lost. Your email message will still be available and in bold until they actively do something with it.


Leveraging Email Marketing

To send an auto dealer marketing email, you need to legitimately obtain the email addresses of your current clients and prospects. The best way to do so is by luring them in with titillating social media posts which guide them to your attractively designed website. The barter happens here. Offer them something that is extraordinary and enthralling enough for them to exchange their email address for it.

You are only one third of the way there, though. How many subscriptions have you signed up for, only to unsubscribe shortly thereafter? It is no use amassing one hundred new email addresses a day if 99 are unsubscribing. The real work entails sharing information with your readers which will keep them engaged, entertained, informed, and eager to keep reading. Even better – share emails which are so good that your subscribers feel the need to forward them to their friends and family.

When you have them hooked, make sure that you include a call to action which will send users back to your website. In doing so, you will increase your organic traffic, which in turn boosts your search engine rankings. But that’s not all! A higher position on search results increases your visibility to brand new clients. Talk about win-win.


ADS Auto Marketing

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