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Auto Dealer
Business Development Center

Auto Dealer Business Development Center

The economic climate has been through some rough periods recently. For example, at the beginning of 2017, headlines declared “Trump’s first week spells trouble for auto industry!”, Auto Dealer Business Development CenterTariff plan threatens wreckage for the auto industry!” Despite times of economic uncertainty, the bottom line is that everyone needs a vehicle. So to help our industry weather any possible storm, we have a business development center that works on a continuing basis to develop awareness and alignment on best lead conversion methods.

BDC Consulting

Our BDC manager has worked with businesses of all sizes and at all stages of growth – from those just starting out to successful enterprises planning to expand. The highly-skilled consulting team offers expert advice in various areas, such as business plan development, marketing, human resource management, and operational planning.

A baseline metric is established to determine the exact starting point for each aspect of your dealership; and will help you to accurately allocate resources for your teams to reach their goals.

Process Examination

Process mapping enables us to examine and define the current sequence of activities undertaken. From there we can work towards the development of new and improved working procedures by:

  • eradicating unnecessary tasks,
  • clarifying roles within the process,
  • decreasing delays and duplication, and/or
  • cutting the number of staff required.

Determining which members of your team have the optimum set of skills will ensure that you have a powerful team on your side.

Automotive Equity Mining

Using an equity mining system to detect current customers that are in an ideal situation to upgrade to a new vehicle for approximately the same monthly payment benefits nearly every department – especially finance and insurance.

ADS Auto Marketing

For more information on how Accelerated Dealer Services Auto Marketing can boost your business with our auto dealer BDC, please get in touch today.




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