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ADS is the leader in automotive direct mail marketing and online advertising. We’re an energetic and determined team driven by results and relationships, and committed to helping your dealership sell more cars.

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The “A” in ADS stands for AWESOME! Once again we had a very successful mailer with ADS. Your company delivers the WOW factor in people, product, service and results. ADS is a true 10 in my book!

Tony Spicola

August 5, 2014

Having heard so many horror stories about staffed event sales, I had always steered clear of them. Last year a personal friend of mine and GM at a dealership about an hour away decided to try an ADS sale to boost profits. I was actually shocked he made the decision since we had shared similar thoughts about that type of sale. His was a success for sure but I stayed in touch to see what fallout might follow. Well he had none and convinced me that ADS was different than others. I followed suit and tried them at our store. I admit it takes some getting used to having so many people in your store for a week but ours have all been a great success. We even had a $20,000 cash winner! You can’t buy advertising like that.

Pete Lackey

July 1, 2014

We’ve had great success with ADS. Wonderful results! ADS does what it takes to make a campaign a success.

Phil Wartley

June 9, 2014

Everything ADS says they’ll do, they do. I’ve had and continue to have great success with ADS. The service ADS provides is really good.

Robert Gray

June 9, 2014

We started working with ADS about a year and a half ago. Our experience has been excellent. We get a good return on our investment and ADS is very easy to work with.

Todd Ritz

June 9, 2014

We have been using ADS for all of our direct mail needs for about four years. Month in and month out they deliver results. We are the #1 Chevrolet dealer in Oklahoma and I attribute a lot of that to the guys at ADS.

Matt Baker

June 9, 2014

I have been dealing with Mr. Chad Brooks and his staff for over 6 years, and I can tell you that there is not another company out that will ever be above ADS. ADS will always have you and your company in their best interest at all times.

One of the most honest, and forth right companies I have ever dealt with. All I can say is,” YAWHOO”, let’s rock and roll.

Kevin Smith

June 8, 2014

ADS presents an opportunity to fine tune and save investment dollars by offering a complete and continuing mail program and I have welcomed their staff each and every time because of the limited charge backs we have had at each event.

Bill Akers

June 8, 2014

What we’re really impressed with was how they creatively produced a targeted mail piece for our event.”

Chris Jones

June 7, 2014

Extraordinarily well experience working with the ADS team. They have a very, very smooth process. There were no surprises. ADS lead with their very talented team and they delivered the best campaign we have ever had in my 15 years in the car business.

Chris Carstens

June 9, 2012

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Our Team


  • Tammye Belew - Administrative Assistant
  • Doreen Metheny - Mail Confirmation Specialist
  • Monica Bensch - Project Manager
  • Susan Vincent - Lead Project Manager
  • Dawnita Woods - Sales Assistant
  • Tommy Brooks - Vice President of Sales
  • Marilyn Rushing - Director of Operations
  • Kara Prather - Executive Assistant to the President
  • Tammye’s meticulous attention to detail, along with planning and communication skill ensure all our customers receive an exceptional level of service.

  • Rain, sleet, snow, or hail; You can bet your ass I’ll track your mail!

  • Monica enjoys working within a fast-paced environment and being extremely organised. Her guilty pleasure is tea and cake. Though she doesn’t feel guilty about the tea part!

  • Susan loves hot yoga and cold martinis. Her best slogan is, “Everything communicates and communication is everything.” Probably a good reason she is a lead project manager!

  • Dawnita is delivery focused and feels most at home surrounded by post-it notes and spreadsheets. She always is on the lookout for ways to challenge our team to make us better.

  • Tommy was made for sales. He oversees the ADS sales team. Sometimes people confuse him for tennis pro, Andre Agassi.

  • Marilyn keeps the ADS team firmly on track.

  • Kara’s slogan for life is to live life, love life, regret nothing. It’s tattooed on her foot, shhh don’t tell her mom!