Our solution to driving traffic to an event

We are intentional in our approach to how we create a winning strategy that delivers results. In this case over 200 appointments in only 4 days!

A strategy with a compelling call to action

A strategy that included a custom 8-page mailer and call to action that resulted in 1,573 appointments and the best campaign this dealer ever experienced.

Our innovative approach to advertising

A creative and state of the art approach that was designed to help our customer have a predictable outcome. The result 22 vehicles sold, 17 being new cars!

Who is ADS?

ADS is one of the largest full service direct mail advertising agencies in the United States specializing in automotive industry. We provide complete solutions for custom direct mail campaigns, as well as branding, nurturing, graphic design, print, web and state-of-the-art tracking for deliverability of your direct mail campaigns and marketing services.


We believe ADS can improve car sales ... is that crazy?

Learn more, get the ADS Media Kit and see for yourself how we go about increasing your car sales.